Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Tickets Needed For This Circus...

Merryland Media reports Snow “Storm” has disastered the entire area.
Some areas receive a massive 5 inches of snow.

Many Merrylanders freak. They rush to stores for toilet paper and Wonder Bread.

Apparently the snow makes them crap their pants and eat sandwiches at an alarming rate.

Government, schools, and businesses shut down. Teens pack the malls - I don't know why...

Many Merryland drivers ignore ice on roads and create many accidents. No tickets needed for this circus.

Starlings swarm the feeding stations. Birds have taken 30 lbs of seed in the past 12 days.

No bird seed left - I'm putting out corn so the little feathers can peck at that for a while.

It'll be a while before the garden's planted...

Barb cleared the driveway before I got home from work. She's baking bread and making pot-roast vegetable-noodle soup. She's lost like 12 pounds on the South Beach diet.

The picnic table reveals the massive depth of the Merryland killer snow storm.

The homestead.

The driveway. Treated with 30 lbs of salt.

Back of the homestead.

Joe works part time for a landscaper who has contracts for snow removal. Joe knows he will be called in to work soon.
See how happy he is?
Hershey-cat sits there and absorbs warmth from the heat-stove.

Merrylander who lost it...

Another Merrylander who lost it...

And a third Merrylander who lost it...

Route 7 looking East from the driveway.

I95 going into Washington looks SO treacherous.
Ironically, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had to cancel an appearance at a global warming rally in D.C. due to the snowstorm.
God continues to show His sense of humor.


  1. LOL!! Your post had us ALL cracking up here, especially this libe...

    "Apparently the snow makes them crap their pants and eat sandwiches at an alarming rate."

    So, much for global warming eh?

  2. Yes - now the talking heads and politicians are starting to call it "Climate Change" instead of Global Warming. I'm not sure why...


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