Friday, July 10, 2009

20 Years is a LONG-Time-a-Comin'

I put down the guitar 30 years ago when I started my service in the US Navy.
I played some at my wedding reception at the Officer's Club, NAVFAC Argentia, in 1982

I have played one song in public since then - in the Spring of 2008 during a Homeless Outreach Benefit. The song was "Turn Turn Turn" by Pete Seeger. I wrote to Mr. Seeger asking permission to play his tune - - and he wrote back granting it. He's a good man and a fine musician. If I had half the talent in his little finger I would be extremely satisfied.

So I decided to pick up the guitar again and found this gem at Dave's Deals down the road.

It's an acoustic-electric and it sounds like something an angel would play.

Time to rehearse - I'm giving it an hour a day until I die. Practise is key - with everything you need to be good at.

Looking for songbooks now...

These are the controls for the on-board microphone.

I haven't forgotten much - but I have no callouses on my fretboard fingers and it's gonna hurt for a month getting them back.

Tody I will re-learn the song - "Stuck In Lodi Again"...

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