Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 4th of July!

Nothin' like the 4th of July relaxing by the fire. It was a cool night... (1) Joe played some very nice Christian ballads on the Black Guitar (not me -maybe tonight)... (2) Not many pest-bugs yet, and zillions of fireflies were out (3) Lots of stars out & twinkling- the Big Dipper overhead, and me giving amateur astronomy lessons . (4) And I saw a shooting star ! (5) AND we were fortunate to watch the International Space Station wiz on by overhead at about 90 degrees azimuth at an alarming rate...! (6) And there were dozens of neighbors all around the area enjoying fireworks in their back yard. Some were very impressive. (7) I layed an old dried out Frazier Fir from Christmas 2012 on the flames and WOW did she light up the entire area. Pine makes a lot of loud cracklin noises and the resulting sparks were tremendously shooting straight up into the sky, giving us our own fireworks display. OOO AAHH. (8) It was a very still night with absolutely no breeze.We heard the huge annual fireworks show in the town of Bel Air go off at approx. 9:30. Bel Air is 6 miles away... This was a simple night in our simple back yard, and I wouldn't trade it for a thousand nights doing anything else...Thank you Lord, for America. I shall NOT take it for granted. Thanks to all those souls who fought and gave the extreme sacrifice to preserve America and liberate others as well. It was an honor for me (and Barb!)to Serve this country and it is a priviledge for me and my Family to live here...!

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